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NBA: Halloween, Tricks, Treats and Fear the Beard

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

The last game is dunzo. Day 2 of the NBA season is in the books. The biggest story? Fear the beard… James Harden in his debut for the Houston Rockets torched Detroit for 37 points, while Linsanity was running as Jeremy Lin put up 12 points and 8 assists.

The biggest shocker of Day 2? The L.A. Lakers lost two in a row and started the season 0-2. I look like a moron after picking the Lakers to win the West. Then again, it’s only the second game in a 82-game season and they still need time to adjust to new additions Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. The Lakers were constructed to reach peak form in the playoffs and beat Oklahoma City then defeat Miami in the NBA Finals. Of course, the newest incarnation of the Lakers lost to a Dirk-less Mavs team in L.A., and then flew up to Portland where they were whooped by the upstart Portland Blazers… only to get bad news that Steve Nash hurt his leg.

Oh, and the Clippers are the best team in the City of Angels. 1-0, baby! Tickets were selling as low as $0.50 and hour before the game. That’s right. I saw nosebleed tickets for fifty cents online. Too bad folks skipped out. The Clippers cheerleaders are 110% pure eye candy and your typical airy L.A. types who wore super slutty Halloween costumes.

So… how did the wisdom of the Ocelot pan out?

Day 1: 1-1

Day 2: 2-1

Overall: 3-2

Day 1 was a wash. Thank goodness for reduced juice. We won the first game (UNDER in Wash/Clev), which was the only game the simulator loved, yet I couldn’t resist adding am additional wager on Boston/Miami total because it was on TNT. I deserve to lose that shit-stained impulse buy. Someday, I’ll exhibit a little self-control and just stick with my gut.

Day 2. Halloween. Is there a better time to bet on the NBA? Saw some clown in a penguin costume sitting in the front row of one game. We made a miscalculation with Denver +1 at Philly. Denver kept pace for three quarters but pretty much gave up late in the 4Q and the Sixers coasted to the win. At least the other two picks came through including a half-point win north of the border in Canadia. The TorRaptors are the only team operation in the Great White North… and they are not supposed to be a playoff contender. We liked the Indy Pacers -1.5. The game was a heated contest from the tip off and TorRaptors tried to pull away in the 4Q, but the Pacers mounted a comeback. They tied it up at 88 with under 1 minute to go, when George Hill drilled a jumper to put the Pacers ahead 90-88. TorRaptors missed a final shot and Pacers won by 2… and we covered by a friggin half point. Half. A. Point. Cruel. So damn cruel. I avoided the darkness of the existential abyss and did a little dance around the apartment while my girlfriend gave me that “look” like I was insane. The end of the IND/TOR was an exhilarating sweat because it actually put us even for the moment. The late game — Golden State at Phoenix — was the never-ending battle of the Sun Worshipers. We loved Golden State +3 because Andrew Bogut was scheduled to play and Stephen Curry had signed a huge contract extension before the game. Golden State got off to a jovial start and led for the first two quarters before they shit the bed in the 3Q. Golden State fought back and won outright 87-85 thanks to Carl Landry’s dropping 12 points (he had 17 total) in the 4Q.

We finished 2-1 for the day and 3-2 overall in NBA to have a positive balance for the first time this season. Better up a little than starting the season in the hole, eh?

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