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Ugly Guts and Bama Busts

By Pauly

Seattle, WA

One word best describes Saturday. Ugly.

College football? 0-4. Fucking ugly. Fugly.

NBA? 1-1-1. Kinda meh. But toss it in with college football and it’s kinda ugly. Kugly. Fugly. Ugly.

Yeah, I arrived in Seattle ready to throw down for a two-day bender and watch some college football with old friends but I should have listened to my gut, which warned me not to bet any more college football games after shipping a monster bet last weekend on Oregon.

"Walk away," grumbled my gut.

Why don’t I listen to my gut? The gut is a seer that knows all. It can feel the future, yet I dismiss its warnings time and time again.

Last week, I tailed a last second wiseguy pick (Miss St) and that went nowhere. It actually tainted what coulda been a perfect Saturday. This week, I heard of another wiseguy pick — Texas A&M +14 — but I was scared off by what happened last week. Bad choice. I shoulda ignored the wiseguys last week, and jumped on them this week.

Why? Not only did Texas A&M cover… then beat Alabama outright. Wow. The #1 team… down for the count. A true shocker. All those pundits and talking heads and ex-jocks thought LSU was going to pick off Bama last week, but it ended up being a rookie QB and A&M to screw up Bama’s chances at a national crown.

With Bama’s tragic loss, Oregon and Kansas State elbowed each other for the top spot. But only one of the them could be ranked #1. When the dust settled… the mighty Ducks were on top… Oregon #1 and Kansas State #2.

I won’t go into details about the 0-3 on totals, but let’s just say that HAL420 needs a swift kick in the testicles… if computer programs have testicles. The first two were shitty picks and the last one (UNDER in Utah/UW) only materialized because I was hanging out with UW alums who were watching the game. I should a pulled the trigger on UW -1, but those Utes scared me off. As a result… we sunk 0-3 for the day on totals. That soiled our 11-2 record (on college totals) and we slipped to 11-5.

The only game we ended up picking a side on was #10 ranked Louisville. They went to Syracuse and got their ass handed to them. Fugly. I shoulda listened to my gut and shut down college football betting for the year. We pissed away a nice chunk of what we had originally won last week on Oregon. Let that be a lesson to you meddling kids! Don’t let a little thirst for action ruin a perfectly good run.

I felt like this drunken kid at the Wazzu game chugging moonshine…

NBA on Saturday was a totally mind fuck.

1-1-1? Yeah, that just sucks after you had a craptacular afternoon.

We started out 0-1 when operation Fade the Bobkittens went sideways. Those damn Dallas Mavs were up by 7 in the 4Q, but they went cold and let the Bobkittens right back into the game. We had a slim shot to cover -5.5 with under 1 minute to go, yet Bobcats made a mini-run and pulled within a bucket. Our only chance to cover? Overtime. Which we got!

What’s worse that praying the game goes into overtime so you can cover? Two overtimes.

The second OT never materialized. The Mavs ran out of gas. The lowly Bobkittens looked like actual Bobcats and covered and won outright.

Those fucking Bobkittens gave me an ulcer and ruined what coulda been a funky Saturday night.

The next NBA game on our radar ended up in a tie. We missed a chance to get San Antonio -2.5 and instead got -3. That lag in time cost us an the entire bet. We pushed when San Antonio won by 3. Yikes! It was one of those fucking days. Who said half points are meaningless? You gotta bet those overnight lines.

I’m not going to lie…. I got desperate. I usually turn to Golden State Warriors as a bail out team. GSW are the Wolf. But we liked the Denver Nugs -3.5 in that rare bail-out spot when we fade GSW. By the time we were about to jump on Denver, the line moved to -4.5. I should have shown better judgement and skipped -4.5…. but it was a desperate and downtrodden day. It was an ugly ugly ugly fugly day and I wasn’t thinking straight. I talked everyone into pulling the trigger on Denver -4.5, thereby fading my bail out darlings in Golden State.

Fade the Wolf?

Somehow, we got back on track when those Denver Nugs won. Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. We finished the day 1-1-1 in the NBA, but more importantly, we ended Saturday on a bright note. After an atrocious, horrendous, shit-stained 0-4 start in college football, we saved face with just a single NBA victory to end the demoralizing losing streak.

Overall NBA: 18-2-2

Fade the Bobkittens: 3-2

College Football Totals: 11-5

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