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The Bobkittens Nevermore?

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

We made a play on a single college hoops game… Florida -6 against Wisconsin. Florida won by 18. We didn’t watch the game. Does that mean the game did not exist? It’s that whole… “If a tree falls in a forest without any humans around, does it make a sound?”

If a game tips off and we don’t watch it does it exist?

What I love about sports betting is the existentialist mind fuck. What appears normal is utterly meaningless, but all of a sudden it has tremendous value when you place a wager on it. Doesn’t matter if it is $1 or $100,000. When you bet on something, it becomes the entire focal point of the universe. If you don’t bet on it… it is as though it never existed.

We didn’t sweat a single play of Florida/Wisconsin… but we had tons of faith  in Billy Donavon (I’m getting old, Billy was a counselor in my basketball camp when I was a little kid) and somehow we won the game to improve 3-2 for the year in college hoops.


Take a look at this free throw…

Yep, nothing but all air! We posted an airball on Wednesday 0-3 after going 3-0 the night before. The gambling gods giveth and taketh away.

Hump Day NBA action: Dallas - 8, Minnesota -6, and Miami -1

Our project to Fade the Bobkittens is something that we need to reconsider because all of a sudden they are 4-3! Fading them is now 3-3 this season.

So what happened? The Bobkittens looked like a real NBA team against the beat-up Minnesota Timberwolves (who were 6-1 ATS going into the game). Down 13 in the 4Q… the Minny Wolves mounted a spectacular comeback when the Bobkittens went cold and Minnesota’s defense kicked into high gear. They got within two buckets with a  minute to go. I was rooting my ass off for OT in order to cover 6. Then the phantom time out… when they didn’t have one left. Bobkittens are soooo bad, they pulled a Chris Webber! They had to give up possession and a technical free throw. Bobkittens led 87-86 with 38 seconds left. It was 87-87 each with time ticking down but the Bobkittens won outright 89-87 on a last second shot from Kemba Walker. No overtime. Flush that turd down the toiler.

Our other project is to Fade the Wiz… especially with John Wall and Nene all banged up. The Wiz (0-6) were playing on the second leg of back-to-back nights. Still seeking their first win, they had to fly out to Dallas and take on the Dirk-less Mavs.  Dallas was up 16 at the half and looking good. Then Washington smelled a potential win. They went on a 4Q run that held up… they got within a couple buckets with two minutes to go. Holy shiiiit. Dallas  blew a big lead but never let the Wiz get closer than 2 points and managed to push their lead to 6 in the final minute. However, on their final possession, the Wiz chucked a trey and missed. Dallas rebounded the ball and the Wiz tried to foul but the zebras never blew the whistle… Dallas dribbled the ball out and won by 6… but didn’t cover. Noooooooooooooo! That blown lead cost us dearly and we sunk to 0-2 for the day. The Wiz slipped to 0-7 overall.

Since I was watching the Clippers/Miami game, why not bet on it? Right? Miami was -1 and I figured they were going to take the Clips to school. Plus I needed to get unstuck. Miami’s defense is crappy… and that’s being nice. The slacking Heat gave up 107 points to the Clips while only mustering up 100 themselves. Jamal Crawford dropped 22 off the bench and the former Bulls/Knicks 2-guard has been a scoring machine as the Clippers’ “Sixth Man.” Wow, Clips are now 6-2 and on top of their division while the Miami Heat slipped to 6-3.

We lost the Miami bet and finished 0-3 for the day and 21-16-2 overall. We gave back every cent we earned the night before. What the fuck went wrong? Blown leads, missed free throws, poor transition defense. All of that adds up to a huge shit sandwich that landed on our plate.

Tomorrow is another day… and it’s time to tweak our leaks.

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