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Sometimes It Rains

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

It’s been raining all day. That’s rare for Southern California. How rare? The last time USC and UCLA played each other in the rain was back in the early 60s. Holy shit that’s almost a half-a-century.

In the immortal words of Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh: “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains.”

Saturday college football: USC -3, Miss St -7, OVER 74 KSU/Baylor, OVER 65 Oregon/Stanford

Yes, we made a wager on USC-UCLA. Don’t ask me why, aside from the fact that I tailed a pick from a trusted source. It was a game I’d normally ignore especially because I don’t like betting on a team that spawned Mark Sanchez and Matt Lienart. I usually prefer to fade USC, but in this instance we backed them -3. It was ugly. Fugly. Although USC got close and got within 3 (which would’ve set up a perfect game winning TD that would help us cover 3), but then choked on the ensuing drive and let UCLA waltz into the endzone.

We split both OVER total bets. At halftime, I was ready to tear up both tickets. Somehow, Baylor opened up a six pack of whoop ass and unleashed an offensive flurry. They upset Kansas State and in the process hit the OVER 65. We needed that backdoor cover since Oregon-Stanford were bogged down in a defensive struggle. They were tied at 14-14 at the end of regulation and needed overtime to determine the outcome.

And how about Mississippi State? We loved them in the first few weeks of the season, but they burned us in consecutive weeks and we stopped backing them. However, Arkansas is just plain ass. HAL420 suggested that was going to be a blowout and we bet the game on Monday morning. Except… I totally forgot about it too until we saw the winning wager show up in our account! Ooooops. The line closed at -5. Had I known we were on Miss St and saw the line move 2 points in our favor, we probably woulda doubled down on them.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes you forget you made a bet and it wins.

That “forgotten” bet actually snapped a losing streak. We were something like 0-6 since the monstrous Oregon bet from a few weeks ago. We desperately needed a slump buster, which is why we jumped on Miss St (more so fading Arkansas) when I saw the opening lines.

We finished up 2-2 for the day in college football. Normally I’d be irked at a 2-2 day but considering we snapped the longest losing streak of the year, I’ll gladly walk away with a moral victory.


NBA action: Utah -3, Memphis -5.5, UNDER 199 Dallas/Clev, UNDER 202 Miami/PHX

We swept the NBA. Wow. How fucking cool is that? Whenever I win a big bet, or sweep a series of bets, I get pretty excited and run around my apartment like I’m getting down and dirty on the set of Soul Train.

Best part of the NBA action? I did not sweat a single game. I pulled double duty and had two work assignments on Saturday evening. I barely watched football, let alone any hoops. So it was very cool to get word from my girlfriend that I had won all four NBA bets.

We originally made three picks, but we discovered LeBron had the sniffles and was under the weather for the game in Phoenix. Miami was already going to be without D-Wade as he sat out another game with a bum foot, so we opted for an UNDER wager. Even if Lebron played, the Heat were taking on the worst team in the West and we expected a low scoring affair. That’s exactly what happened… sort of. The total went under 202 and that’s all you need to know.

HAL420 selected the UNDER 199 in Dallas/Cleveland. That covered by a point! Holy shit…. had I been sweating that game, I would have had a heart attack.

We went 2-0 in NBA totals, which has been a not-so-good category for us. At least we improved to 7-6 in totals.

We embarked on two missions: Fade the Bobkittens and Fade the Wiz. That’s why we went with Memphis and Utah.

Utah was playing on back-to-back nights and we lost backing them the previous night, so we wanted to get our money back. They were playing a struggling Wiz that had yet to win a game. Utah won by 7 and the Wiz are still winless.

Memphis did an excellent job dismantling the Knicks on friday night. They looked so good that I didn’t care that they were playing on consecutive nights. We backed them against those Bobkitties, who were giving us some problems. We were only 3-3 fading them this year so you can only imagine how much sweeter it tasted to win that wager.

4-0 in the NBA? Doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s a glorious feeling. Just yesterday, I was lamenting over my lackluster handicapping skills and vowed to do a better job by tightening up our system and plugging those leaks. So it feels wonderful to go back to basics then bounce back with a profitable¬† day.

Overall, we’re 28-20-2 in the NBA or (21-14-2 with the spreads).

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