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Safety Dance

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

Back to normalcy, which means you lose by a fucking safety.

Such is life. Sometimes you have the world by its balls, and the next, it has you by the gonads.

Monday Night Football. Battle of backup QBs. Kaepernick looked a thousand times more comfortable than Jason Campbell. The score reflected the transitions of backups; for the Niners and Kaepernick, it was smooth… but for Bears and Campbell, he struggled, stumbled, and looked totally lost. We shoulda bet the Niners at home. But the UNDER looked like the safe bet. Both teams had two of the best defenses in the league and they were facing backup QBs. Points would be hard to come by, right?

Well, it was hard to score for the Bears, yet the Niners scored at will.

What ever happened to the Bears D that scored all those points off INTs? The Super Bears looked… human. They didn’t make any big plays. They looked tired. That happens when their offense goes three and out time after time after time.

The score was 30-7. We had the UNDER 38. All both teams had to do was just sit on the ball… running out the clock. The Bears were having such a horrible day that they gave up a safety in the 4Q. Safety. A fucking safety. Two fucking points. The final was 32-7. We lost by a point.

Here’s a Niners superfan jamming out at Candlestick park… another acid casualty who ate waaaay too much of Owlesy’s sunshine back in the 60s.

NBA Monday Sweat: Milwookie -4.5, Indiana -2.5, Houston +8

We had a pair of Fades going on. One good. The other ugly. The Wiz have yet to win a game. Tickets for the game in Washington were selling for 39 cents! Despite Indiana struggling in the last week or so, we couldn’t pass up a chance to Fade the Wiz. David West had a monster game and they covered. That was our only winner of the night.

Time for us to stopping Fading the Bobkittens. We’re 4-4 this year. The fucking Milwookie Bucks blew a double digit lead and let the Bobkittens back into the game. Milwookie was down by two and got the ball back for a shot at putting the game in overtime. That was our only chance to cover…. by pushing the game into OT. But… Milwookie took a three and missed. Game over.

Houston, with a sick James Harden, struggled in the second half… and it wasn’t pretty. Linsanity missed 10 shots and the entire team was way off the mark. They were down by 20 and came close but lost by 11. We were getting +8… and came up short. That sucked ass. We finished 1-2 for the day. Meh.


Here’s an interesting perspective about teams that get stuck with terrible owners… specifically how the Buss family is on a collision course to ruin the Lakers.

And this is Jalen Rose dishing about the high-stakes poker games held on private planes during NBA road trips…

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