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Melo Elbows

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

We only bet one game. The Knicks.

Some of our crew liked the Lakers playing Brooklyn in L.A., but I was dead set on the Knicks. I bet them -6 on the overnight line. The spread opened at 5.5 and moved to 6.5 in the morning and then late afternoon word got out that #1 pick and rookie stud the Unibrow was going to sit out with sore ankle and the line moved to 7 and then 7.5.

It wasn’t much of a game. New Orleans held on for the 1Q and then the Knicks tried to pull away in the 2Q. At one point, they tried to get a little rough and Melo got a little “playground” on everyone by flailing a few elbows.

In the second half, the Knicks pulled away courtesy of efficient three point shooting. The Knicks drilled 14 treys and Ray Felton dropped five. Melo put up 29 points and Felton/J.R. Smith combined for 30. For NOLA, We didn’t get to see the Unibrow, but rookie Austin Rivers (Doc’s offspring) played somewhat impressive.

The Knicks are now 8-1 and they won by 22 points. I was worried about covering 6! Melo made it look easy. I mean, are the Knicks really this good? Probably not. But hey, they’re a shit-ton better than I expected. I thought they’d struggle to stay above .500 and win 45 games. Most impressive? The Knicks did this without Amare.

We’re now 31-22-2 in the NBA.


Two weird incidents in the sporting world which I found out through Twitter…. 1) Macho Comacho was shot in Puerto Rico and rumors swirled that he had died, and 2) some kid named “Jack Taylor” dropped 138 points for Grinnell (it’s in Iowa) against some Bible College.

Macho was one of those fighters I only knew about because back int he 80 it seemed like he was fighting some random palooka every month in some bloody battle. Anyway, seems like something weird happened in Puerto Rico… a drive-by shooting of sorts… and Macho was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The 138 story reeked… it seemed fake… like one of those wacky internet hoaxes likeĀ  landing through The Shining. Anyway, even the kid’s name sounded fake… Jack Taylor. Didn’t his dad play catcher for the Indians… twice?

Once ESPN started reported the 138 points, it must’ve be legit, right? I tried to watch some of the game “on demand” but it looks like the school’s server was overloaded by other curious folks who also stumbled upon the peculiar story. I eventually got it to load and watched some of the game. It was super sloppy at times and Taylor scored a ton of points but he missed a ton of three-pointers too.

Supposedly, Grinnell runs a crazy offense called “The System” in which they hoist up a three-point shot as soon as they get the ball over the court. They also run a relentless full press court and give up a ton of fast breaks, but they prefer a rapid-fast pace because they’ll gladly give up 2 because they will get 3 right back. By looking at the box score, everyone on Grinnell logs minutes. It’s almost like a hockey team that runs out line shifts of five new players every forty-five seconds. It would have been fun to play on a run-like-an-antelope team like Grinnell. We ran the “flex” in high school and it wasn’t as sexy as this insane turbo-speedy-run-and-gun corn-fed white-boy offense from Iowa.

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