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Black-Hearted Friday

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

This is Rex Ryan from Turkey Day’s loss to the Pats. It sums up my Friday…

Sometimes there’s a monkey on my back and I can’t get it off. I shoulda listened to my gut and only bet on a single college game all weekend, but the Friday after Thanksgiving offered up a few games and I could not resist the urge to take a pass on a couple. The monkey led me astray and the bankroll took a hit.

Friday’s college football: UW -10, LSU -10.5, and Arizona -2.5

My Seattle friends and UW alums urged me to jump on the line before it went to two touchdowns… and it did. They were right. 10.5 to 14 for a Friday game? Yikes. Everyone and their mother was on UW and fading Wazzu in the Apple Cup. I usually prefer to bet the dog in “rivalry week” but Wazzu was just awful.

Of course, Wazzu waited until the 4Q to wake up and start scoring TDs. UW blew a sizable lead and that’s all she wrote. I choked on a big fat apple. Oh well, we had so much value at -10.5 compared to -14 that there’s nothing you can do except shrug it off.

LSU was abysmal. I watched some of that game and they shoulda blown out Arkansas… one of the bottom feeders of the SEC. HAL420 projected a 20-point blowout. It looked like LSU was shaving points to me. Too many blown tackles or missed opportunities on offense. Plus Les Miles had a chance to score a TD late to push the game over the spread… but he opted for a FG to keep it under 10. What a dick! If I ever meet Les Miles in New Orleans, I’m gonna kick him in the nuts.

Arizona was just throwing bad money after bad choices. It wasn’t pretty. FUGLY. Arizona came back in the 3Q after being down most of the game and looked like they were going to pull away with a win, until ASU stormed back and that’s all she wrote. 0-3 in the college for the day. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. FUGLY. I knew I shoulda stuck with the one game I had circled a few weeks ago…. Baylor/Texas Tech.


NBA Sweat: San Antonio -3.5, Knicks -4.5, and OKC -3

We only won one game in the NBA… when the Spurs came from behind in the 4Q to beat the Pacers and cover. That saved us from going a big fat donut for the day.

The Knicks were absolutely blown out by Houston after surrendering 72 points in the first half. Unreal. The Knicks had the game close and Melo was playing well until he picked up a few tickey-tack fouls. As soon as Melo went to the bench in the 2Q, Houston went on a 17-2 run and the Knicks never recovered. Looks like Linsanity got some revenge against his old team. I never finished this game and turned it off in the 3Q!

OKC surprised me. They shoulda beat Boston by ten but they were flat in the 2Q. TO Boston’s credit they played well… and kept Durant/Westbrook in check in crunch time and never let either get too hot to lead a comeback.

I watched the Lakers/Memphis game instead… and my gut said fade the Lakers, but I was worried Kobe was going to get extra pumped up for the game and torch the Griz for 60+.

Meh day in the NBA. 1-2.

Wisdom of the Ocelot

Never place bets when you’re angry or dealing with a wave of emotional turmoil. You will not be operating with optimal decision-making skills.

I was definitely off the mark on Friday. When I used to play a lot of online poker I had a rule… never play angry… because you’ll make bad decisions. Well, I was having a bad day on Friday from the moment I woke up. Got caught up in some personal stuff. At one point I was so enraged with someone that I actually flipped over the desk in my office. Pens and manuscripts went flying everywhere. I was on life tilt most of the day and barely got any work done. I also made a few bad decisions with wagers… I simply shoulda took the night off and took a pass on everything until my head was straight.

Believe me, after that ass whopping, I snapped right out of the funk. Nothing gets your ass into gear that the harsh reality of the worst losing day I had this year. Such is the gambler’s life. One day, you’re riding high on a 12-game winning streak, and a week later, you’re 1-5 in a miserable, depressing day that makes you feel like one of those morbidly sad rain dogs in a Tom Waits song.


I finished reading Loose Balls, an oral history of the ABA which inspired a post on Tao of Pauly… Red, White, and Blue Balls. I even posted a video to a short documentary about the ABA. Take a peek.

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