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Cat Scratch Fever: Rondo-Kardashian Claw Fight

By Pauly

Los Angeles, CA

It was supposed to be a calm and quiet night. I had a ton of work to do and didn’t really have the time to sweat any games, which is why I originally wanted to take the night off.

But we know better than that.

Action is action. Junkies are junkies. Buy a ticket, snort the ride. Or something like that.

I took a break early in the day and quickly scouted Wednesday’s lineup. One lean (Knicks) turned into four leans which turned into 6 NBA games that popped up on our radar.

We should have just picked one. Instead we picked 6, but then freaked out and cut it down to four. Murphy’s Law was in full effect. The two we passed on were winners. And the four we played? 2-2. Meh. I loathe losing “just juice” to the dam shylocks.

Wednesday night NBA action: Knicks -1.5, Brooklyn +4, Portland -2.5, and Atlanta -8.5

We went full steam ahead for a couple of fade operations: Fade the Wiz and Fade the Bobkittens. But, we passed on Fade PHX, who were playing on  the road in back-to-back nights. Passing on that fade proved disastrous.

Congrats to the Wiz. They won their first game by picking off the Blazers. It only took 13 games! Man, the bench-less Blazers should be embarrassed for pissing away an easy win… and  in the process, they gifted the Wiz their very first victory of the season. 1-12? Yes, that’s the stuff championship dreams are made of. We lost that battle, but we’ll continue to Fade the Wiz until Wall and Nene are both 100%.

If you want to read more about the hapless Wiz, check out this Grantland article… A Fate Worse Than Death.

The Bobkittens continued to give us headaches. We passed on Atlanta -9.5 because the line was too high, even though HAL420 insisted they’d win by 12 or more. When the line moved to -8.5, we pulled the trigger. We figured the Bobkittens would still be suffering from that blowout debacle from the other night. And they struggled…. but Atlanta choked down the stretch. Meh. Both “fades” made us 0-2 for the night.

We should have went for Detroit -3 against PHX, but we had qualms about backing a crappy Detroit squad, so we passed.

I also love Memphis this year, but laying double digits against TorRaptors scared us off. I was waiting to get a better number, but that never happened so we passed. Alas, Memphis easily won by 20 and covered.

We shoulda passed on what we played, and we shoulda played what we passed. Yep, one of those nights.

It was up to both NYC teams to win. The Knicks had another easy game against Milwookie and coasted to victory (and a cover).

Meanwhile, Brooklyn brawled with the Celtics (watch video here). Rondo is a tough mofo and took on Kris Humphries after Mr. Kardashian gave KG a hard foul. I thought Rondo overreacted because back in the day, that “foul” was a mere love tap. You shoulda seen those Knicks-Heat games from the 90s or the Pistons-Celtics games from the 80s. Or how about any ABA game when bloody noses and fisticuffs happened in the warm ups!

According to Mr. Kardashian’s Twitter feed, Rondo scratched him pretty good.

Anyway, Rondo got tossed after the cat fight, which changed the dynamic of the game. Boston is a team that struggles night to night because you never know which team is going to show up. There’s a fine line between being a squad a savvy veterans and a team of old guys that are a few years past their prime. Boston wants to fast forward four months and just play playoff games, which is why that mentality of “getting through the regular season” has made them a perfect target. Boston is a team that gets significant amount of public money, not just from New England market, but across the country. Much like the LA Lakers, Boston is one of the teams I look to fade on weeknights that do not have a pro football game.

Both the Knicks and Nets won (and covered) so we could save face with a 2-2 record. Dammit. I hate giving juice to the bookies!

By the way, you know about our affinity for Golden State and how they are the Wolf or bail out team for us… well, looks like the rest of the league is catching on after this article about the much-improved defense from Steph Curry… Warriors Come Out and Play…. Defense.

Since I’m dropping links in this post due to lack of hardcore degen content, check out the latest 30 for 30 short documentary film about the origins of the Arnold Palmer drink (lemonade + iced tea). As an iced tea connoisseur, I 1000% approve of the short film.

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